Soin Démaquillant
Cleanser Care 

A beautifully soft, light, gentle oil that brings immediate comfort to the skin.

Thanks to its innovative calming formula, Cleanser Care gently removes the even most stubborn make-up and impurities, whilst simultaneously boosting oxygen in the cells and providing a protective, moisturising shield. The complexion is left balanced and smoothed, without blotchiness, irritation or oily residue.

Tonique «Eau de Ciel»
Toner Sky Water 

A light, refreshing rinse for renewed energy.

With its delicious scent, Sky Toner instantly stimulates and refreshes the skin whilst helping to regenerate and condition the hydro-lipidic layer. It is entirely alcohol-free and contains high concentrations of Argan oil and protective marine extracts in order to soften and soothe your complexion.

Gommage Visage
Face Scrub 

The exfoliating properties of Argan shells, the balancing effects of Argan oil and healing, hydrating Aloe Vera help refine and reveal radiant skin.

Besides the restructuring properties of Argan oil and soothing aloe vera, our Face Scrub provides a gentle sloughing treatment that instantly leaves the complexion soft, fresh, dewy and luminous. The fine polishing Argan shell particles swiftly remove dry, dead, damaged cells to reveal the youthful radiance and freshness underneath. 50ml - ref 4300

Masque Visage
Facial Mask 

A creamy, easy-to-apply mask that swiftly yields fresh, glowing, luminous skin.

An outstanding balancing treatment that combines purifying kaolin powder and nourishing Argan oil with hydrating red algae gel. This dynamic combination works in minutes to leave the complexion immaculately soft and radiantly clear. 50ml - ref 4210


Soin de Jour
Day Care 

Preparing your skin for a new day.

Formulated to fight the damaging effects of the environment and UV-light, this delicate, protective cream softens the signs of visible ageing, provides perfect hydration and exceptional comfort, then leaves a matte, velvety finish. 50 ml - ref 1100

Soin de Nuit
Night Care 

A concentrated night treatment that revitalizes your skin while you sleep.

Rich and penetrating, a nightly dose of this high-content Argan oil cream, with all its regenerative, revitalising, antioxidant and anti-ageing powers, leaves the complexion visibly smoothed and rejuvenated by morning. 50 ml - ref 1200  






Crème Exquise 

A transformation for dehydrated skin.

Crème Exquise is our most intensive response to the needs of fragile,
mature and dehydrated skin. With its rich, sensual texture, it supplies the super-hydrating, regenerating effects of high percentage Argan oil, plus marine algae extracts to restore suppleness and youthful translucence. ref 1964



Close-up on Serum Perle d’Argan
At the heart of the Perle is the Argan powerhouse, rich in gamma tocopherols, unsaturated and essential fatty acids (especially linoleic acid), squalene (a precursor to the anti-ageing hormone, DHEA), and phytosterols (which act on age-related cell disorders). Besides Argan, a selection of other active ingredients work synergistically, boosted by a special algae called Padina Pavonica. This marine gem has powerful benefits to elasticity and firmness, helping skin to resist external attack.



Contour des Yeux & des lèvres
Eye & Lip Contour 

Our specialised dermo-relaxing 
wrinkle smoother for eyes 
and lips.

Created specifically for the needs 
of the eye contour area, this lightweight, 
delicate cream eases expression lines 
and softens wrinkles. Thanks to a
relaxing, soothing effect, it also slows
the daily ageing process and protects 
skin, whilst also lifting and firming. 
It is, of course, also useful for fine
lines around the mouth… 15 ml - ref 3330

         Perle d'Argan
<< Argan Serum “Perle” 

A combination of exceptionally high levels of both Argan oil and cosmetic expertise.

Created specifically for the needs of the eye contour area, this lightweight, delicate cream eases expression lines and softens wrinkles. 
Thanks to a relaxing, soothing effect, it also slows the daily ageing process and protects skin, whilst also lifting and firming. It is, of course, also useful for fine lines around the mouth… 30 ml –ref 4100




Chapter one
Ritual Oil 

The ultimate oil to nourish, treat, 
soothe and seduce.

Our most concentrated product yet, Ritual Oil is composed of 98.8% Argan oil. Soothing, restorative and highly sensual, it is also supremely anti-ageing and firming, and ideal for massage.  15 ml - ref 3330





Huile Corporelle
Satin Body Oil 

A rich and sensual finish to your body care routine.

A gloriously smooth ‘dry’ oil that leaves the skin toned and firmed, richly nourished, radiant and velvet smooth after bathing or showering. For the best, most uplifting results, apply using upward massage strokes. 150 ml - ref 2100




Le Savon
Argan Soap 

A foaming bar containing the rarest oil in the world.

More than a soap, this formula is a true “foaming cosmetic.” Gentle enough for children and adult faces, this caring cleansing bar softens hard water, then protects and comforts dry skin, thanks to special water-attracting molecules that bind to the skin surface.  100g - ref 3200

Huile Scintillante
Stardust Body Oil 

Seduction and beauty in a bottle.

Perfect for revealing your inner glow, our silky-textured ‘dry’ oil adds an elegant sun-kissed shimmer to the skin of your body. The combination of regenerating, nourishing Argan oil plus gold and copper flecks of mother-of-pearl kisses the skin with subtle iridescence as well as the seductive scent of monoï.  Réf 2110 - 50ml

Soin Après-Rasage
After Shave Balm &
All Day Care

Adding vitality and comfort to male skin.

Designed to add hydration, freshness and balance, whilst also calming irritation and razor burn, this Argan-enriched fluid leaves men’s skin comfortable with a smooth matte finish. 50 ml - ref 6100

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