Travel Kit

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Travel Kit

Name : Travel Kit
Range : Essentials Cares

Mini Secrets for a Beauty Escape!

Beauty case containing 100ml of products

A selection of precious rituals always by your side…taking your senses to new horizons...
Practical and modern, Katima’A Travel Kit meets all airport requirements. Composed of our Sky Toner, Cleanser Care, Day and Night Care and the new Body Milk, these outstanding beauty treatments will soon become an unavoidable ally to both your escapes and travels…


- Start your day with a pure wave of energy thanks to Katima’A Sky Toner. Its high content of Argan oil (soothing and regenerating) combined with marine extracts ( protective and hydrating virtues), will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and protected.

--> Apply it on a cotton pad each time your skin feels thirsty (or needs refreshing)...
(capacity : 25ml)

- Prepare your skin to a new dawn with Katima’A Day Care. Its special formulation based on Argan oil (skin protection), Octylmethocynnamate (UV resistent layer) and Meristem Oak Root Extract (unification of the micro-relief), protects your skin from the effects of time and external aggressions, leaving it soft and velvety.

--> Apply on face and neck, smoothing gently.
(capacity : 10ml)

- Caress your body with Katima'A Body Milk and its high concentrations of natural ingredients. Enriched in Argan oil (high hydrating and anti-oxidant power), Shea Butter (hydrating, softening, restructuring and protective virtues), Aloe Vera (nourishing, healing and cicatrizing) and Vegetal Glycerin (smoothing, softening), Body Milk will leave your skin sensually soft and nourished day after day.

--> Apply generously onto the body massaging in with gentle upward movements on a daily basis.
(capacity : 30ml)

- Morning and at night, cleanse your skin deeply and bring comfort back to it thanks to the excellence of Katima’A Cleanser Care. Rich in Argan oil (barrier against the effects of time) and Alpha-Bisabolol (pure concentrate of unsaturated fatty acids with healing and anti-irritating properties), this outstanding care will leave your skin perfectly clean, soft and hydrated.

--> Apply on face and neck with a wet cotton pad.
(capacity : 25ml)

- As night is the best moment to return the spark of youth back to your skin, Katima'A has developed the ultimate Night Care to provide all the nutrients it needs. This concentrate of high technology and natural actives such as Argan oil (anti-ageing, regenerating and hydrating), Aloe Vera (toning and emollient), Chondroitin Oligosaccharide (boosts elasticity, tone and firmness) and Meristem Oak Root Extract (unifying skin’s micro-relief) will leave your skin incomparably radiant and rejuvenated.

--> Apply on a perfectly cleansed skin smoothing gently.
(capacity : 10ml)

+ 1 Sample of facial serum Perle d’Argan (0.5ml)

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